Joe Thomas's Jack Stock


Joe Thomas's Jack Stock offers you variety in color, personality, build and bone structure.  The slide show below has photos of the Jacks residing at Joe's and a few of their personality traits and background tips are listed below.  Of course feel free to contact us for more information on any of these fine gentlemen.


In naming stock everything must have rhyme or reason - or at least here at Joe's Jack's we think so - or at least Kathy, "the boss", think's so.  Anyway .... moving forward.  Jack's and Jennet's are so personable.  Personality comes from breeding. 

Visitors are welcome to contact us to set up a time to visit and view our stock first hand, but here are a few tips on the personalities to look for in the Jacks above.

TEX -  Tex is the old man around the house, except for Joe. He is a 1994 model and sire of many of the jennets. He stands between 15.2 and 15.3 hands. Tex is a son of Walter and a grandson of El Joaquin, a pure blooded Catalonian import. The Catalonian bloodline contributes the short, black hair and smoother than typical build Tex passes to his offspring. He is an easy jack to handle and has produced many offspring that have done well in halter and performance classes.  Tex is registered with The American Donkey and Mule Society, see Tex's Pedigree.

STORMY-  is a son of a large mammoth jack I used to own called Larry (aka Horseshoe Hills Bugsy). At 15.3, Bugsy just did not seem to fit him! Stormy’s dam is Ellie, my largest jennet at 16 hands. She is a Tex daughter.  Stormy was born in June, 2009, but is already over 15.2 hands, with good conformation. He is a likely replacement for Tex as the main herd sire at some point in the future.

NONAMI-   is a 15.2 hand black jack with a lot of Jen Jack breeding in his background. Jen Jack is considered one of the jacks instrumental in improving the size and quality of today’s jackstock. Nonami is an extra drafty jack with large bones, straight legs, and is especially well balanced. He is producing some nice babies with size and balance. Nonami is registered with The American Donkey and Mule Society, seeNonami's Pedigree.

HIGH NOON-  is the senior spotted jack. He was purchased from the Joe Jarrett herd in Texas. He was sired by Rosser’s J.J. and has a pedigree extending back to Bully Boy.  High Noon stands 14.3 hands. He has one of the most distinct spot patterns you will find in mammoth stock. High Noon has produced donkey and mule foals who have done well in the show ring and on the trail. High Noon also has an extensive show record. High Noon is registered with The American Donkey and Mule Society as well as the American  Council of Spotted Asses Inc, see High Noon's ADMS Pedigree and ACSA Pedigree. 

BUD- is primarily a mule jack and used on maiden jennets. He was purchased from Alvin and Billy Wright. He has a great head and ear, and one of the smoothest hips you will find on black jackstock. He has produced some outstanding mule and mammoth foals.  Bud is registered with The American Donkey and Mule Society, see Bud's Pedigree.

- officially registered as Thomas’s Color to Burn, is a son of High Noon and out of a well-bred black jennet. He stands a little over 15.2 hands. We have kept him as a possible replacement for High Noon. His first mule foal should come next spring. Bernie (Thomas's Color to Burn) is registered with American Council of Spotted Asses, Inc, see Bernie's Pedigree.